Working in the area of exportation is not easy. Due to the fact that we deal with other countries we need some specific papers and documents to perform and our work in the best way possible, that’s why we will explain which are the documents that we use to provide you the best service ever

This is called “Documentary Testing”

Export License: Also known as export petition, this document serves for the realization of the export of certain products to some specific destination. Within the export petition, all necessary requirements must be included for that document to be valid. In other things, this document serves the company in order to validate its exports

Packing List: It is a document that allows the carrier, exporter, as well as to the customs and other involved the power to identify the merchandise and to know what is in each package.

Commercial invoice: The commercial invoice is another of the documentary evidence, it mentions within its points the aspects of both the commodity that is exported, as the amount of it, its weight, its detailed description of the product or products, their quantities, price, conditions of sale, names of both the customs office of the country of origin where the goods came out and the destination customs office where the goods will arrive, type of currency to use, date of issue, name and address of exporter, freight amount, etc.

Shipping Knowledge: Regarding the relationship with the product to be exported and the product already packaged is introduced into the containers which are placed on top of the ship, plane or other choices of transportation that will carry the merchandise up to their final destination. Within this aspect, the documentary evidence will specify the amount of product that is carried inside each container as well as the type of product, the distance that there is between the ports of both countries, the value of the merchandise, etc.