The American dream is back in fashion but in business version. The US is one of the most common destinations for export furniture. But, in order to secure that, it is important to follow some steps


Basic steps before exporting if the target country is the US:


1. Define if it is really in conditions or not to export to the US. The potential market is huge and many companies fail precisely because once there they are unable to meet consumer demand. Exporting is not the alternative to place the surplus. If you want to succeed in that market you have to maintain a constant production

2. The US is a set of states. The USA is a country formed by 50 different states that in most cases have legislation and different requirements also for those who are interested in placing their products there. Not everyone is the same.


3. Once analyzed the market and verified that the company has sufficient capacity to deal with it, it is appropriate to save bureaucratic matters. Each product has its procedure and in some cases, complicated formal requirements and authorizations are not always easy to overcome. Therefore, before starting any other procedure it is necessary to clarify all these terms and assess whether it is worth the effort. You will find much of the necessary information on the official website of the US Government.

4. Visas. This is one of the clearest examples of how oversupply can complicate much of a situation. Forget to start the first contacts with a tourist visa. An E1 trade exchange visa may initially be sufficient, but in the long run, it is important to keep in mind that a business visa will be required to work normally in the country.

5. Only a specialized advisor can help to avoid other problems of the export process. Choosing specialized advice is something very important. Even large firms and consultants already have specific departments for it. Through them, it will be easier to fulfill the following essential requirement: go hand in hand with a local partner and found a subsidiary on American soil. Only then it will be possible to talk to the entrepreneurs with whom the company intends to do business.