We are a Thailand furniture exporter company, we focus on every single aspect related to the transportation of the furniture to every corner of the world. We have a team formed by the most qualified and experienced people for this job, we know how to manage and handle all the paper work required by every country looking to provide the best possible service. Thanks to our knowledge of the market, international routes and the different requirements of every country we can provide the safest and fastest way to export furniture.

We have contacts and experts focus on every aspect related to export since the climate change for our transportations through ships and airplanes to the control of every highway for our trucks looking to find the best way to reach the destiny for the furniture. If there is a last minute change, our team will be able to handle it in order to guarantee the client’s expectations and fulfillment of whose demands.

Thanks to our team of specialist, the years of experience over our shoulders, our commitment and the quality of our process of exportation, there will be no doubt that we will be the best choice for you